What You Don’t Know About Joint Health

joint healthTop Choices of Joint Health

In the USA, one in three adults suffer with some type of chronic joint pain. One issue is that many individuals confuse joint health supplements with pain relief products that offer temporary decrease in discomfort. Weight control can help reduce joint damage and muscle strain, together with other medical issues.

Glucosamine for joint pain is just a popular over the counter remedy, but care needs to be taken in picking the right product for your well-being and wellness program. The present trend in human joint supplements is to have a broad approach and supply ingredients which contain high rates of antioxidants to assist your own body in neutralizing totally free radicals which can damage healthier tissue. Care needs to be taken to follow along with precautionary actions to prevent joint discomfort. Whilst supplements have their place joint health depends on keeping fit and keeping weight down which isnt always easy.

For those who have suffered a joint injury, or believe you may have done then you need to ask your doctor before beginning a workout program. Your own doctor might tell you exercising painful joints the appropriate way will help ease joint pain. Among the simplest ways to prevent joint pain would be to exercise, while in addition avoiding injury.

Exercise and diet must be the very first regions to tackle to become much more healthy and pain free.

Facts, Fiction and Joint Health

Joint health can be a massive area in healthcare. Many medical professionals think that being sedentary as a result of painful joints might actually do more damage than good for joint health.

An increasing number of people go for natural remedies for a better joint health. There are some joint health shakes which  can become a wholesome supplement to your weight reduction program. Each shake includes supplements made to help with some extra health issues, including joint health. Changing some of your everyday eating habits can change your overall health.

To learn how to produce and maintain good joint health, you’ve got to comprehend the causes of joint troubles. Strong muscles help strengthen joint health.

. Yoga provides several exercises which help you to hold your joints healthy.The warm up can help reduce muscle injury in addition to strain on joints

Exercising the joints also permits them to be naturally lubricated. By taking care of your joints at this time, you could avoid pain later.

There are many natural supplements available on the market and online which can help with your general joint health. Some joint problems are of course worse than others and there is sometimes the added complication of arthritis. Glucosamine as previously mentioned is very good but it is important to ensure that you research the right quantities and of course buy from a reputable supplier.

There is no doubt that with the western world increasing obesity levels, joint problems are going to increase so its important to look after your own joints purely on an individual basis. Keeping weight down with moderate exercise is always going to be key.

Physical Signs Of Anxiety

anxiety physical signsWhen you have Anxiety Physical Symptoms Become a Part of the Mix Too

When you have a problem with anxiety or when you have Generalized Anxiety Disorder, you don’t always just experience the problem in emotional or psychological ways. With anxiety, physical symptoms are often part of the mix, too. Some of these, like tensed muscles, are so human, everyone has them. Other kinds of physical symptoms can be rare – like a person who has her hands and feet go numb when a wave of anxiety hits her.

Let’s look a little bit more closely at the kinds of physical symptoms that most often come into play in problems related to anxiety disorders.

When it comes anxiety, physical symptoms appear in the most out-of-control way when the anxiety reaches fever pitch – in the form of a full-blown panic attack. Now you need to be able to tell the difference between a Generalized Anxiety Disorder and something like a panic disorder that since the person into uncontrollable heart-stopping panic attacks.

As you might be able to tell by the name, a panic attack is kind of an attack – it strikes suddenly, sends a person’s heart racing uncomfortably, fills him with numbness and strange physical sensations of discomfort, and makes him think that perhaps he is on the verge of getting a heart attack.

A general panic attack on the other hand isn’t ever as palpable or as clearly defined. A person suffering from this lives in a near-constant state of physical unease. He may experience a racing heart somewhat, enough discomfort that he can’t go to sleep, and so on. But since he is on the slow boil, he’ll never actually be able to tell what exactly is going on.

About the first thing that people with chronic anxiety see go out the door is the expectation of a good night’s rest. Insomnia can be terrible for your physical health. And it can make it difficult for you to come by the presence of mind you need to deal with stress or anything that happens through your day. Lots of people with an anxiety problem will at some point start to take drugs like alprazolam or some sleep medication.

If you ever were in doubt that to those who felt anxiety physical symptoms were a given, you just have to look at the kind of digestive problems they go through. The digestive system tends to be very sensitive to anxiety. That’s why people with anxiety often experience ulcers – anxiety gives people a problem with stomach acidity that can hurt the stomach lining. It doesn’t help either that scores of people with anxiety often instinctively try to respond to their problem by eating too much or by drinking.

Those are just a few of the pointers to a general anxious state and are worth considering if you or a loved one are not too sure what is going on physically. It could clearly be a sign of stress and anxiety and in a age where teenage males in particular are reaching new highs (or lows) on the suicide statistics, these are the things to watch out for.


For more information see https://afsp.org/about-suicide/suicide-statistics/

Is It Possible To Grow Taller?

tallerBeing less than tall hasn’t done Danny de Vito or Tom Cruise any harm, or hampered them from having gorgeous women clinging to their arms. Being tall doesn’t guarantee riches or happiness, yet some people still hanker after being taller. Short of the torture stretching racks used in Medieval days there really isn’t a handy solution once the bones have fused in adulthood, and even the racks weren’t used as a means of increasing height but rather of inflicting hideous torture.

Is it True?

Naturally though there are people willing to take advantage of peoples desires and if you want to be taller there will be someone out there promising you a solution, for a price. “The world’s best selling book” is the label on Robert Grand’s book ‘Growing Taller Secrets’ in which he touts that it is possible to grow taller despite having no scientific credentials. All you have to do is send off the $39 for the book which will impart the great secret which remains a mystery to everyone else.

Of course only through the book will you “learn the most important formula to accomplish anything in your life including growing taller.” It sounds as about as authentic as the miracle diets which will make you lose 30lbs in a week. If such a secret had been discovered then Mr Grand could have made a few million out of it rather than purveying it through ebooks.

A Healthy Diet

Unfortunately for those who do wish to be taller there are no easy solutions. Following a nutritious diet rich in calcium, exercising and sleeping well, may all play their part in growth development whilst still in ones teens, but once the bones have fused then growth stops. However calcium is vital in strengthening bones which helps to prevent shrinkage as one ages, and good posture and exercise help to keep the spine erect and in good shape. It is also known that some of the chemicals in sodas leach calcium from the bones so avoiding sodas completely is a good way to keep the bones strong.

Medical Intervention

Painful growth hormone injections are not designed for adults and although surgery to increase height is a possibility it should be avoided at all costs. This surgery was really developed to help those with limb deformities and is not recommended for height increase. The procedure is known as surgical leg lengthening and can lead to complications which could cause one to lose mobility. It involves having the bones in the legs broken and plates attached, and entails the use of a wheelchair for at least six months. It takes over a year before the technique is complete and in addition it is a very painful procedure as well as an expensive one.

At the end of the day if you want to be taller it really is down to either wearing higher shoes or elevator shoes, or carrying yourself with excellent posture. Bad posture can make even the tallest person look slumped and shorter, whilst walking with your head high and an air of confidence can add the perception of inches to your actual height. Walk tall and look ahead, not at the ground, and exude confidence and you really will appear taller.

Enjoy Cashews And Improve Your Health

cashew nutsA lot has been written about nuts, and by now most of us appreciate that they are good for us. However, the health benefits of cashews have been ignored for a long time. I often wonder why we have ignored the health benefits of these nuts. Maybe it is because along with peanuts, they are often served salty as a bar snack. It would perhaps be beneficial if we took another look at cashews, and found out how we could enjoy them, before we started to discuss their health benefits. There is a lot more to these nuts than a bar snack.

How to Enjoy Cashews

Most nuts can be used in cooking, but some are more user friendly than others. Walnuts can be used in cooking, and so can peanuts, but they don’t really add a lot of flavor. Yes, you can get peanut Satay, but that has a lot more stuff in it than just ground peanuts. Cashews have the unique ability to add flavor to food without having to be processed in any way. As a matter of fact, you can use them straight out of the packet.

One of the best ways is to add them to food is to use them in stir fry’s. They seem to love being fried together with bean sprouts and chicken. They can certainly add both texture and flavor to your weekday stir fry. So, what else can you do with cashew nuts?

Have you ever tried adding them to rice dishes? If, you like a lot of vegetable based rice dishes, you should consider adding cashew nuts for about two to three minutes before you finish the dish. A lot of people like to add nut oil, but cashews have the ability to make your rice dish a lot tastier. It is very quick and easy to do, and will make your home made rice dish taste great.

Cashew nuts are even nice in salads. You can just take them straight from the bag, or roast them off slightly in a pan first of all. If, you haven’t tried a warm bacon salad with roasted cashews, you certainly should. The cashews will really finish off the dish, and add a crunchy texture to your salad. A lot of people like using pine nuts, but I so much prefer the taste of cashews.

The Health Benefits of Cashew Nuts

Like all nuts, cashews are rich in micro minerals. One mineral that really stands out when it comes to cashew nuts is selenium. This is actually quite a hard mineral to find in foods, but in cashews, you can find selenium in abundance. Eating a small handful of cashews will give you all of your selenium needs for the day. But, you should make sure that they are not the salty variety.

Selenium has a lot of functions within the body, but it is clear that people suffering from asthma can benefit from selenium. We don’t quite understand why selenium seems to benefit asthma sufferers, but many of them say a selenium supplement helps to keep their airway clearer. It sounds a bit odd, but a lot of asthma sufferers are prone to airway infections, so this could be the reason. It may help to eat more cashew nuts if you suffer from respiratory problems such as asthma.

Crohn’s disease sufferers can also benefit from an increased intake of selenium. A lot of people with Crohn’s disease do suffer from a lower immune response, and selenium can boost the immune system as well. This is really good news as it may explain why HIV sufferers develop less infections when they take a selenium supplement.

But, why take a supplement when you can eat health? Doctors are very much for you trying to eat healthy food instead. It is important to understand that you need to eat for your own health. For instance, if you are suffering from arthritis, you should add more cold water fish to your diet.

If you have IBS, you should consider adding more strawberries and raspberries to your diet. There are healthy eating options out there for everybody, and making up your own diet is the best option. Adding cashew nuts will allow you to enjoy the many health benefits of cashews as well as their great taste.

The Hobby of Chicken Keeping for Nutritious Eggs

It seems that more and more people are keeping chickens. It may be one of those things that you notice more once you have an interest in them, like when you get a new car, and suddenly you see that same car all over the place, but before then you had never really noticed them. It’s been like that for me since we got our first chickens a couple of years ago. Before then they were something I’d seen on the tv or in petting zoos, but after I had some, I found out that someone I knew had 24 bantam chickens in her garden. Another acquaintance regularly ‘hen sat’ for a friend of hers when they went away for a few days and the guy at the top of the road started selling eggs from his front gate. He has given his whole back yard over to several coops and tens of chickens that he got around the same time I got mine (although I didn’t know it at the time). Everyone is doing it!

It is easy to see how so many are drawn to these birds. There are numerous myths and truths surrounding chickens, for instance, you can tell in most cases what color egg a chicken will lay by looking at the spot of skin around their ears. White lobes on a chicken mean they will lay white eggs; a brownish lobe will yield brown eggs. You do get some individuals that are a bit standoffish or skittish but in the main chickens are rather friendly, nosey birds who will follow you around (particularly if you have food!) and can make great family pets.

The type of chicken identifies the color of the eggshell. However that has absolutely nothing to do with its dietary value. White eggs are every bit as healthy as brown eggs even though many have the belief that the brown ones are more nutritious than white eggs; it simply isn’t true.

It would be an understatement to say we weren’t extremely experienced about chickens when we initially began raising them. The feed shop was the only place we knew of where we could get some chickens and they didn’t have much of a choice. We chose 6 Rhode Island Red hens and one rooster since it was pretty much all they had. The rooster is larger than the hens now, but they were all close to the same size when we first got them. Being so young, his crow was a bit scratchy and weak – a bit like a party blower. However, the hens loved him and followed him all over the garden. We called him Freddy.

What Kind of Chicken?

There are a great number of different breeds out there to pick from. We have been happy with our Rhode Island Reds, but I do hanker for some of the more fancy looking bantam breeds such as the Polish and Silkie chickens. It probably wouldn’t be fair to add them to our flock now, though – I’m not sure they would be able to cope with the larger girls (and boy) if they didn’t all get along.

We have since found out that we do have one of the best breeds for egg laying – some other good ones for egg numbers would have been leghorns, red or black sex links, and golden comets (a variation of the red sex link). For meat then Cornish Cross are among the best for that. Within six weeks they can weigh as much as 4-5lbs and within 8-12 weeks they will weigh over 6lbs. Dealing with the ending of meat birds is not something I am ready for but apparently there are mobile processing vans in some areas, so it does not necessarily have to be something you do personally.

Learn More About The Nicotinamide Ribosode Supplement

What It Can Do For You!

The excellent news is that this trend can be reversed and or improved to make one have a more younger appearance. Research study has showed that nicotinamide riboside supplements not only lower on the aging impacts but also enhance one’s brain efficiency.For those that have never heard of these supplements, then this article is a must read. The fascinating truth is that nicotinamide riboside is produced naturally in the body.

What is nicotinamide riboside

For a long time, not much was found out about it. In the current years several researches and research study have actually been performed. These have actually altered the manner in which this chemical compound is seen. As we will see in this article, there are a number of benefits related to it.Among the secret of advantages of nicotinamide riboside supplements is in concerns to reversing the aging results. When taken as an oral supplement it assists to cause the mitochondrial biogenesis as well as to oxidize metabolism. This in turn helps to enhance and increase the mitochondrial mass.In basic terms and ignoring all the clinical terms above, what this actually indicates is that mitochondria is what is linked straight with aging.

As we age, the production of mitochondria declines causing a number of degenerative conditions that cause us to feel and look much older.

How it works

When mitochondrial biogenesis is caused, nicotinamide riboside will in effect be able to turn back the body’s anti-aging procedures. There is no other chemical compound that has been shown to be as reliable as this substance in this. This implies that the person will feel, look and even believe in a more younger manner.

The research study carried out showed that this chemical substance postponed early and also late phase illness production. This was enabled by the induction of mitochondrial biogenesis within the skeletal muscle and also brown adipose tissue. This avoids mitochondrial ultrastructure irregularities.From these conclusions it appears that nicotinamide riboside the primary step to finding a trustworthy remedy for aging.

One need not look older than their age. At the same time, those that anticipate looking more youthful than their age, then these niagen supplements are the choice to think about.If you are wondering whether these supplements will work for you, then fret no more. With nicotinamide riboside this is not the case.As pointed out previously, this is a chemical compound found produced within the body which serves as a precursor of Vitamin B3. It works by revitalising and reversing the mitochondria which can be described as the “powerhouses” of our cells. You will not only feel and look more youthful but also have enhanced brain power.

Natural Cold And Flu Remedies From The Wonderful World Of Homeopathy

There are many different kinds of natural cold and flu remedies which are effective. However, few people know homeopaths treat the same range of complaints as general practitioners. As a qualified homeopath, I treat anything from arthritis to the common cold. This week has all been about the flu and a severe head cold that keeps doing the rounds. Viruses are difficult, they change their genetic makeup so quickly.

Homeopathic remedies are very good for treating infections and problems with colds. They can clear a blocked nose within a matter of hours, and send a flu bug packing in a couple of days. For me, the conventional way of healing with antibiotics is seldom justified and my family and friends are always treated with homeopathic remedies Does it work? Of course it does, and you can try it yourself. For safe home treatment, you need 30c potency.

So, What Are My Favorite Recommendations To Treat A Flu Or A Cold?

(Aconitum Napellus)

This remedy is made from monkshood which is a small flower plant that grows in mountainous places. The name comes from the flowers which are shaped like a monk’s hood.

Uses of Aconie included panic attacks, fevers and shock. It is a great treatment to opt for if you are in the beginning of a cold, flu or notice an ear ache. It is not a treatment which is suitable for someone who suffers from a lot of infections. Rather it is suitable for some who is fit and energetic, and does not think that a cold or flu could affect him or her. I often use this when the symptoms come on suddenly and with great intensity. Most fit people experience illness as a shock to the system, and are even scared of illnesses, this is what makes this such an effective remedy for them.

(Arsenicum Album)

Arsenicum is made from trioxide of arsenic, and was one of the first treatment proved by the founding father of homeopathy Dr Huhnemann. Since then, it has become increasingly popular. It is popular among asthma sufferers, and many say it gives them long term relief from the condition. It is related to clearing the airways, and reducing breathing difficulties quickly.

Have you ever suffered a cold where the discharge from the nose seems to burn the upper lip, and you can stop sniffling? This is the kind of cold Arsenicum would be able to treat very successfully. Saying that, you would also be able to treat allergic rhinitis and hay fever with this remedy as well.

Most people who benefit from this remedy, may also suffer from anxiety, restlessness and burning pains which improve with heat. They are also fussy, perfectionists and rather hate being alone. Interesting to note that Michael Jackson, a true perfectionist, claimed that the remedy benefited him a great deal.

Nux Vomica
(Nux Vomica)

Nux Vomica is made from the seeds of the poisonous nut tree, and has long been associated with stressed out person who suffer from frequent infections.

The uses of Nux Vomica go beyond flu and colds, but are often useful when treating colds and flu which refuse to go away on their own. It is also very good for poor digestion which can follow a flu or cold. Nux Vomica is one of the most useful homeopathy treatments , and can be used if you are finding ti difficult to sleep as a result of your cold. It is my go to treatment for a blocked nose, or a flu with severe backache.

It is also a great treatment to take if you are suffering a cold, or infection, from traveling on an airplane. Echinacea makes a wonderful back up treatment, and together they can often dispel, or treat, a flu or cold within a matter of hours. Just what you need if you have a busy life, and may suffer from stress after having to take off from work to treat your cold or flu.

Homeopathy is a science in itself, and the more you learn, the more fascinated you will become. There are many herbal natural cold and flu remedies which can be used to reduce symptoms as the same time you are undergoing homeopathy treatment, and this is perhaps why so many people are beginning to turn to homeopathy.

Are The Health Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar For Real?

Are the health benefits of apple cider vinegar real?

Lots of people claim that they have experienced health benefits after embarking on a health care routine using apple cider vinegar. The claims range from rapid weight loss to getting rid of arthritis. But, are the benefits real or imaginary?

Scientists are a little bit skeptical about the health benefits of apple cider vinegar. It is quite possible that it is true, but the opposite can be true as well. A few years ago, scientists working for a major lab carried out an experiment. It was a very extensive trial and involved 10,000 people who suffered from various health conditions. Out of the 10,000 participants, 5000 were given apple cider vinegar and the other 5000 were given a placebo in the exactly same bottle. None of the participants knew which ones had received the “real thing”, not even the scientists. When they results were analyzed, the truth came out.

Does apple cider vinegar work for weight loss?

Out of the 2000 participants in the weight loss trial, only 1000 were given the real product, the rest were given a placebo. All were told not use any other weight loss products, or programs, during a period of three months. Every month they had to return to the lab to chart their progress. Vital signs such as weight, blood pressure and heart rate were monitored. As each bottle had a unique number, and the scientists knew the participants by a number, there could be no cheating or false indications. Only an outside organization knew who had received the genuine product.

After three months, the result were checked and it was found that the people who had been using the apple cider vinegar as a weight loss supplement, had not lost any weight at all. The only problem that scientists came across were that many of them were complaining about stomach ache, and digestive problems. It seems that the apple cider vinegar had upset their digestive system. So, what does it tell us? Losing weight using apple cider vinegar is probably a myth.

Does apple cider vinegar help to control arthritis?

Once again a control group of 2000 people with various form of arthritis were issued with apple cider vinegar or a placebo. They had to return to the lab once a month for a blood test, and to check joint flexibility. After a three month period, the results were checked and it seemed that apple cider vinegar may indeed help arthritis sufferers.

Out of the control group, 324 people with severe arthritis had a lower inflammatory response and better joint flexibility. A further 282 people with less severe arthritis, also showed a slight improvement but not as dramatic as the others in the group. Most surprisingly of all, the entire group had lost weight. When being asked lifestyle questions, it turned out that the vast majority of the participants had been able to become more active.

Many had taken up walking or swimming, and in general enjoyed being more active. Some of them had even started to change their diet to include more fruit and vegetables when they started to feel better. All of these things put together would more than likely account for the weight loss and heighten sense of well being in these participants.

The wonder of pectin

Pectin is water soluble fiber which can be found in good quality apple cider vinegar which also contains “mother”. This is the dark cloudy substance you get when processing apples to make apple juice. Pectin is known to have health benefits such as strong anti-inflammatory properties, and it can very effectively deal with toxins in our bodies.

It can also help our bodies to digest fats which is very important, but more than anything it acts as an anti-oxidant. This is probably what the arthritis participants experienced. As a result of treating themselves with non-pasteurized, organic apple cider vinegar, nature gave them a hand and started to sweep away the inflammation.

Further more, it was also noted that the participants who talk 1000 mg of cod liver oil or fish oil, had the most benefits. Some of these participants did not display any symptoms at all. All dietary supplement regimes are unique, and depend on what suits you. Many more people with health conditions such as arthritis, could probably enjoy the health benefits of apple cider vinegar. Maybe the right combination of supplements would help to boost the effectiveness of the treatment.

Enjoy The Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Coco fat, or coconut oil is one of the latest health crazes. Lots of people are rushing out to buy the product as they believe it will give them better brain health, maybe even prevent some dementia illness and help to reduce inflammation. The problem is that there is a lot of research needed to prove many of the claims surrounding coconut oil, but that doesn’t mean there are no health benefits of coconut oil.

Coconut oil has for a very long time been added to cosmetic and skincare treatments. This kind of coconut oil is slightly different from the one that you buy to take internally. As a matter if fact, you should not try to use the cosmetic coconut oil at all for internal remedies. If, you really want to know how to use coconut oil safely, you should follow the example from the people of Zanzibar. They use it on a daily basis as a fat, and cook their food in it. Perhaps this is why so many ladies in Zanzibar have so few wrinkles.

Cooking with coconut oil

In Zanzibar and parts of India, cooking with cooking nut oil is a daily occurrence. It is quite a fatty oil, so you don’t want to add too much to your pan. A little bit goes along way.

One of the best way to cook with coconut oil is to add it to spicy sauces and casseroles. Both in India and on Zanzibar, it is very popular in curries and sea food stews. It is said that on Zanzibar, no one will cook seafood without a bit of coconut oil. Perhaps we should all try adding a bit of coconut oil the next time we decide to put a fish dish on the table.

But, how user friendly is coconut oil? Providing that you buy a good quality coconut oil, it will not over power your food. It some Indian dishes it is used to “tone down” the spice content, and mellow the dish a little. The best way to use it, is always with spices such as cumin, cinnamon and curry spices. If you haven’t tried it yet, you can always fry your basmati rice in coconut oil. It will give a sweet coconut flavor, and will add a distinct authentic taste to your curry evening. Rice is certainly a perfect companion for coconut oil.

Baking with coconut oil

In Zanzibar, they just don’t give up. Freshly baked bread has coconut oil added, and it is indeed a very good companion for both cake and bread making. As it is rather sweet, you can cut down on the amount of sugar you use. Breads baked with coconut oil will have a slightly shiny appearance, but most of the time you will not be able to taste the coconut oil.

Of course, it is delicious in cakes. The funny thing with coconut oil, is that it has the ability to enhance the flavor of fruits and berries. What it actually does, is to protect the enzymes in the fruit from breaking down and this is why cakes baked with coconut oil taste better. Perhaps it can even protect the vital enzymes in your body. At least it is capable of delivering fruit with a higher nutritional value to your table.

Health associations

Coconut oil does have many health association. As it is an oil, it can help to reduce inflammation in the joints, but we are not sure if it can do the same thing in the arteries. If, you are suffering from arthritis and heart disease at the same time, it is best used as a topical treatment.

It can easily be used as a massage oil, and blended with essential oils such as ginger or cinnamon, it can really help to easy the inflammation and pain of arthritis. Rubbing it into the affected joint several times a day can also ease swelling and discomfort.

But, coconut oil may also have some downsides and you need to be careful to use it in moderation if you are using a conventional medicine. For instance, it can make drugs such as statins and painkillers less effective. It seems to have the ability to stop you from absorbing the active ingredient, and you should be aware of this negative side effect.

On top of that it can also cause upset stomach and diarrhea in children and adults. Whilst the health benefits of coconut oil are certainly there, we should learn how to use it responsibly.

Make The Most Of The Health Benefits Of Almond Milk

Almond milk is credited with a range of health benefits. First of all, it is great for people who suffer from lactose intolerance and cannot drink ordinary milk. It can be poured over cereal, or added to your cooking as well. In some countries they even use it to make soup. One of the best health benefits of almond milk, is that it does not contain any fats at all. So, if you are suffering from high blood pressure or high cholesterol, it can help to lower both blood fats (triglycerides) and your LDL cholesterol.

Children who suffer from unexplained allergies or eczema, also seem to be benefit from almond milk. It seems to calm their skin, and make them less likely to suffer from outbreaks. If, you are a snorer, you should maybe consider replacing your ordinary milk with almond milk. After all, it does not make you produce any mucus, and this is part of the reason why you snore. Most of us could probably benefit from almond milk.

Ordinary milk vs almond milk

Lots of people are concerned about using dairy milk. They know it contains many harmful ingredients such as pesticide residues, growth hormones and even antibiotics. Many of our farm animals are fed antibiotics to keep them healthy, and they can be passed on to us in milk. The process of pasteurizing milk does not kill all types of antibiotics.

Growth hormones are another problem. It is hard to believe, but we even feed growth hormones to our dairy herds in many parts of the world. The theory is that bigger cows produce more milk. That is probably true, but once again, the hormones are passed down to us. They can cause hormonal imbalances which may lead to infertility or damage the endocrine system in our bodies. This starts at an early age as most mothers like to encourage children to drink milk or eat dairy products.

Cows sadly graze on land that may have been sprayed with pesticides. Once again, they are likely to absorb the pesticides and pass them on to us through the milk. You don’t get any of these problems with almond milk. It is slightly lower in calcium but very rich in protein. Replacing dairy milk with almond milk could be one way we could improve our overall health.

Recipes for almond milk smoothies

Smoothies made from almond milk taste absolutely great. Fruits blend well with almond milk, and of course you get all of the health benefits of the milk itself as well. Starting to make smoothies is one way of getting your kids to get used to the taste of almond milk.

Recipe One: Blend together 250 ml of almond milk, one banana and a spoonful of honey. Natural honey and almond milk seem to go hand in hand, and is a great way of adding another healthy component to your almond milk. Bananas are a great fruit as they are rich in potassium, and will help you to kick start your day.

Recipe Two: 250 ml almond milk, handful of blueberries and raspberries. This is a nice smoothie to give to kids when they come home from school. You can add a banana but it is easier for the body to absorb the anti-oxidants in the blueberries and raspberries if you do. Serve with a healthy muffin made with apples, and you will be hero mum for the afternoon.

Recipe Three: 250 ml of almond milk, 1 rhubarb stalk and an apple. This may sound like a bit of a strange flavor combination, but actually tastes a bit like apple and rhubarb crumble. Absolutely delicious and super rich in vitamin C. Try serving with a small bran muffin and maybe dad will enjoy this smoothie as well.

Almond milk is very versatile, and you can even make it yourself each morning. Put a bag of 250 grams of almonds in a blender, and add 750 ml of water. Blend until all of the almonds are crushed, and store in the fridge for the rest of the day. It is very easy to do, and tastes great on warm porridge in the morning.

This is such a versatile milk, and product, that there is no reason why the entire family shouldn’t enjoy the health benefits of almond milk.