Natural Cold And Flu Remedies From The Wonderful World Of Homeopathy

There are many different kinds of natural cold and flu remedies which are effective. However, few people know homeopaths treat the same range of complaints as general practitioners. As a qualified homeopath, I treat anything from arthritis to the common cold. This week has all been about the flu and a severe head cold that keeps doing the rounds. Viruses are difficult, they change their genetic makeup so quickly.

Homeopathic remedies are very good for treating infections and problems with colds. They can clear a blocked nose within a matter of hours, and send a flu bug packing in a couple of days. For me, the conventional way of healing with antibiotics is seldom justified and my family and friends are always treated with homeopathic remedies Does it work? Of course it does, and you can try it yourself. For safe home treatment, you need 30c potency.

So, What Are My Favorite Recommendations To Treat A Flu Or A Cold?

(Aconitum Napellus)

This remedy is made from monkshood which is a small flower plant that grows in mountainous places. The name comes from the flowers which are shaped like a monk’s hood.

Uses of Aconie included panic attacks, fevers and shock. It is a great treatment to opt for if you are in the beginning of a cold, flu or notice an ear ache. It is not a treatment which is suitable for someone who suffers from a lot of infections. Rather it is suitable for some who is fit and energetic, and does not think that a cold or flu could affect him or her. I often use this when the symptoms come on suddenly and with great intensity. Most fit people experience illness as a shock to the system, and are even scared of illnesses, this is what makes this such an effective remedy for them.

(Arsenicum Album)

Arsenicum is made from trioxide of arsenic, and was one of the first treatment proved by the founding father of homeopathy Dr Huhnemann. Since then, it has become increasingly popular. It is popular among asthma sufferers, and many say it gives them long term relief from the condition. It is related to clearing the airways, and reducing breathing difficulties quickly.

Have you ever suffered a cold where the discharge from the nose seems to burn the upper lip, and you can stop sniffling? This is the kind of cold Arsenicum would be able to treat very successfully. Saying that, you would also be able to treat allergic rhinitis and hay fever with this remedy as well.

Most people who benefit from this remedy, may also suffer from anxiety, restlessness and burning pains which improve with heat. They are also fussy, perfectionists and rather hate being alone. Interesting to note that Michael Jackson, a true perfectionist, claimed that the remedy benefited him a great deal.

Nux Vomica
(Nux Vomica)

Nux Vomica is made from the seeds of the poisonous nut tree, and has long been associated with stressed out person who suffer from frequent infections.

The uses of Nux Vomica go beyond flu and colds, but are often useful when treating colds and flu which refuse to go away on their own. It is also very good for poor digestion which can follow a flu or cold. Nux Vomica is one of the most useful homeopathy treatments , and can be used if you are finding ti difficult to sleep as a result of your cold. It is my go to treatment for a blocked nose, or a flu with severe backache.

It is also a great treatment to take if you are suffering a cold, or infection, from traveling on an airplane. Echinacea makes a wonderful back up treatment, and together they can often dispel, or treat, a flu or cold within a matter of hours. Just what you need if you have a busy life, and may suffer from stress after having to take off from work to treat your cold or flu.

Homeopathy is a science in itself, and the more you learn, the more fascinated you will become. There are many herbal natural cold and flu remedies which can be used to reduce symptoms as the same time you are undergoing homeopathy treatment, and this is perhaps why so many people are beginning to turn to homeopathy.